1/22/20 Starting to Pick Up Steam

Feeling slightly better than in our last post as we’ve sorted out the majority of the robot and just have one large decision to make(which hopper to use) before it’s full steam ahead with CAD.

The team was feeling very behind at the start of the week, but our teams ability to CAD and turn around completed robot parts is second to none so I’m fairly confident we will see a robot start coming together at the start of next week. Here’s so quick updates for y’all.


We’ve honed in on our decision to run a hooded shooter, with either 1.5in or 2in of compression, a PTFE lined hood(shout out FRC95 for the testing), a set of NEO’s geared either 1:1 or 1:1.5, and a pair of either the 35A or 60A Urethane wheels, or a pair of the 35A or 60A Neoprene wheels. In order to tease out a few of the final questions(compression, gear ratio, wheel type) we decided to hit out the big laser cutter and spit out a sheet metal prototype that included our proposed geometry and kicker wheel set up. Below is a screen shot of the CAD we put together for this.

The CAD is obviously missing some bearings and shafts, but you get the picture. We will fix lexan covered with PTFE adhesive backed film to the shooter hood which has the ability to easily be articulated between 25*-75*. Below are some pictures of the assembly process.

Big shout out to ETM Manufacturing (my employer) for letting us use the laser cutter and donating a ton of materials. We’re currently sponsoring four different teams from all over the US. Thanks Doug and Betsy!

We just received our McMaster order this morning so we can hopefully assemble and test the shooter tonight. Once we’ve confirmed it’s shooting, we’ll run our consistency tests with the fours wheels, two compressions, and two wheel speeds.

Hopper Testing

Currently still squished between two different typed of hopper systems for our robot. This is proving to be the most difficult part of the project thus far and we’re hoping to settle this issue as soon as possible. Unfortunately, our last two prototypes we’re slightly jank and we decided, like the shooter, it was time to produce some sheet metal prototypes to get some more accurate testing done. Below are some of the pictures of our, “U” hopper.

And a quick video of it working.

For our second option we’re working to develop a, “flying V” hopper, we’re currently working on developing this prototype out of sheet metal which will likely be cut and built Saturday. After we have both of these prototypes running, we will have a full design review meeting on Monday where we will make some pros and cons lists for both of the hoppers and make our final decision.

Full Robot Mock

In order to get a better idea how how we’d like to layout the robot, we decided to throw all our prototype CADs on our practice drivetrain CAD to see how everything meshes together. This currently mockup is likely utilizing the, “flying V” hopper, we’re currently working to mock up what it would look like with the, “U” hopper,

Extra bits

Recieved a nice stack of 20 new batteries from our MK battery rep Jim. MK always seems to outdo themselves. We ordered the battieres over the phone around 12:30P and have them in our hands by 2:30P same day. Truly awesome.

New graphics cards for our 4 new CAD stations

#studentbuilt Jack and Sara working hard making parts on our router and lathe.

Large mouse trap (climber?)

The hanging bar is teasing us, we should probably get moving on that buddy climb….

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