1/26 End of Week 3

Quick update today from our meetings over the weekend.


Testing went well, will make more data this week once we put it all together. We settled on running two of the 60A Neoprene Fairline wheels(with safety wire). We were able to mock our prototype up to the proper height and figure out the correct hood angles to hit 5 for 5 consistently from up against the driver station, from the initiation line(10ft), and from the front of the trench(18ft).

Driver Station – 58*

Initiation line – 28*

Front of Trench 14*

Quick video of our shooter during testing:

Powder Coating

Something some of the students expressed interest in trying to be able to powder coat in-house this year, so we picked up a small set-up and some powder to give it a go. This was a big success so we’ll be grabbing a larger oven for this year.


Kiddos doing some quick mock-ups on our pit for this year, excited to see this get all set up.

Intake Final Prototype

Quick video of the prototype with our final geometery for our intake, students are working on final competition CAD now.

Full Robot Mockup

Today we took some time to sit down and start putting all of our CAD work together and get a better picture of packaging. It’s going to be insanely tight but we’re enjoying the challenge.

As always, any questions feel free to ask!

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