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2022 FRC Season – Rapid React

2022 Team

Littleton Robotics is very excited with the results of our sixth FRC Season (and return to in-person competition) in 2022! We ended the season advancing to the highest level of competition at the World Championship for our technical and business teams. We had the unprecedented opportunity to play on the “Einstein” field at Worlds with our alliance as one of six division level winners, which was incredibly exciting, and were awarded the Gracious Professionalism award for our work with the Open Alliance. However, the most significant Win of the 2022 season was the intense student learning experience as the team navigated a return to in-person work after nearly two years away, with new students making up nearly half the team, and our dedication to an open build season focused on expanding our interactions and two-way conversations with FRC teams around the globe.

The team spent the summer and fall of 2021 developing and delivering internal training programs for new and returning students in preparation for the 2022 season, including technical training such as CAD/Design, Programming, and Manufacturing. Additionally, the team focused on student training for critical business team development such as Sponsor Outreach and Leadership Skills. All of these skills were put to work as soon as the competition season began in early January 2022 when our students really showed how they could adapt and learn in new and different ways. 

Mechanical Advantage 6328’s 2022 competitions culminated in the following results:

  • New England District Chairman’s Award, Greater Boston District event 
  • New England Championship Chairman’s Award, New England District Championship
  • New England District Engineering Inspiration Award, Granite State District Event
  • Event Winner, Granite State District Event
  • Event Winner, Greater Boston District event
  • Division Winner, Roebling Division, World Championship
  • Gracious Professionalism Award, Roebling Division, World Championship

We were also proud to return to our third season with the Open Alliance program on Chief Delphi, where we and 40+ other teams conducted an open build season and shared our processes and decisions all along the way. We thank the other teams that contributed to the open alliance and truly feel that it helped us be a better team.


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