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Technical and Business Training Programs for FRC and FLL (different page)
FIRST Team Resources
FLL Resources and Summer Programs
Supporting Mental Health
External Outreach
Engineering/STEM Academic Programs
Business Plans and Build Documentation

FIRST Team Resources

AdvantageKitcoming soon
Attendance Systemcoming soon
Establishing a 501(c)3 for FRC TeamsThe basic advantages and steps to establish an official non-profit organization for FRC teams, including relevant information about forms, finances, and insurance
Achieving FRC Team SustainabilityMethods and tips for FRC team sustainability and growth to ensure teams can continue to function for years to come
Running a Sponsorship CampaignMethods and tips to run a campaign to build local sponsorships. For more specific details, see our Sponsorship Training curriculum.
FTC Versus FRC Decision GuideEvaluate both the FTC and FRC programs to pick the right FIRST program for an environment
 FRC Student-to-Mentor Transition ProgramMaking the leap from FRC Student to FRC Mentor and how to help new, young mentors stay engaged with FIRST

FLL Resources and Summer Programs

FLL-to-FRC Transition ProgramOur FLL to FRC Transition Program and how to set up a similar program on your FRC team
Starting an FLL Challenge ProgramThe process for establishing and running one or more FIRST Lego League (FLL) Challenge teams
 Running an FLL Summer CampComing Soon…
How to Start an FLL Explore TeamThe process of starting an FLL Explore Team, what the season looks like, as well as estimated costs of the program
FLL 2019 Summer Program – Deep SpaceGame Manual
Mission Model Instructions
FLL 2018 Summer Program – PowerUPGame Manual
Mission Model Instructions

Supporting Mental Health

Be Present – Team Wellness GuideRobotics events are a ton of fun, but can also be very stressful at times. Find easy ways to relax and bring your mind back to the present during stressful situations.
5 Minute Relaxation Tip CardsWe all know there is never enough time in FRC, so we developed easy 5-minute relaxation tips you can try to recharge during robotics meetings or events.
Setting Up a FIRST Quiet RoomThis guide is a reference for how to set up and run a Hear For You Quiet Room at a FIRST event.

External Outreach

Girl Scouts Badge Event (Brownies/Juniors)Detailed guide to running a Girl Scouts Robotics Badge event to help troops earn three robotics Girl Scouts badges. Includes all flyers, worksheets, and presentation materials.
 Cub Scouts Robotics ElectiveThis presentation can be used to run a robotics elective for a cub scout troop. It includes a presentation on robotics as well as activities the cub scouts can complete as part of the elective.
 Starting a Girl Up ClubSee how easy it is to start a Girl Up club in your local area

Engineering/STEM Academic Programs
Created in partnership with FRC 8604 Alpha Centauri

Chemical Engineering Programs
Introduction to Green ChemistryCurriculum presentation to introduce the 12 principles of green chemistry
Civil Engineering Programs
 Introduction to Soil Science
Soils Overview for Teachers
Soil Science Activity Worksheet
Worksheet Answer Key
Curriculum presentation and supporting materials to introduce the civil engineering discipline of Soil Science
Environmental Engineering Programs
Environmental Justice Research ProjectGuided research project on what environmental justice is
Impact of Pollution on Bees Research ProjectGuided research project on how pollution affects bees and pollinators
Project Timeline
Introduction to Drinking Water
Introductory Activity
Water Demand Calculations Presentation
Water Demand Activity
Chlorine Disinfection Activity
Clearwell Sizing Activity
Sedimentation Tank Activity
Variety of projects and research prompts related to providing clean and safe drinking water
Mechanical Engineering Programs
Introduction to Strategic Design
How to Design a West Coast Style FRC Drivetrain
Threading & Bolts 101
Introduction to CNC Routers
Cute Little Design Tricks Virtual Activity
Galleons Galore Prototyping Challenge
Variety of teaching tools and activities designed to teach the basics of CAD and mechanical engineering

Business Plans and Other Documentation

FRC Business Plans2020-2021 Season (coming soon)
2019-2020 Season
2018-2019 Season
2017-2018 Season
2016-2017 Season
2021 FRC Build Season DocumentationFull build season documentation available on Chief Delphi starting with this post. We continued to use our 2020 robot for the 2021 At Home season, so changes and updates were incremental and we focused on more thorough documentation. Key posts from the build season include:
Robot Updates
Motion Profiling
Electrical Overview
Game Design Challenge
Vision Tracking
OI Controls
2020 FRC Build Season DocumentationFull build season documentation available on Chief Delphi starting with this post. Key posts include:
More Prototyping
More CAD and Robot Assembly
Final CAD and Season Wrap
Previous FRC Build Season Documentation2018 – PowerUP
2017 – Steamworks
FRC Robot Design Documentation2018 – PowerUP
FLL Business Plans2019-2020 Season
2018-2019 Season (not currently available)
2017-2018 Season

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