Entering Week 7

Good progress lately.

We were able to run some testing of all our shots to make sure we have the proper hood angle on the competition shooter. Below are some random videos from testing.



Initiation line

Also we’re finally driving! Probably should have ensured that, “hard mount the shooter” was crossed off the todo list before running this test.

Wheel speed recovery tuning test

First auto run (didn’t realize we put four balls in)

Got our limelight working

Here’s some raw footage from cycle testing today, the hopper isn’t completed so only running 3 balls at a time. We’re able to auto aim utilizing the limelight.

We’re finally starting to put together competition assemblies, the goal is to put them together individually then bolt all together to ensure we have a simple serviceable robot.

Powdered Parts

2/3 Assembled Shooter

Here are a couple other random pics from the last few meetings

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