Hood Update

I was going to make a post on this shortly, but with the madness of preparing for the event I haven’t gotten around to the full write up. Up until Friday we had what is in the CAD with a single roller, but weren’t happy with how it was performing. We had problems with bounce out due to our trajectory being too vertical, and the upper hood position wasn’t optimized for shooting from the tarmac as it was mostly just for the low goal. Our test space is very limited, so we only fully discovered these pitfalls when practicing for the first time on a full field (thanks 2168 for having us).

We were previously thinking about multiple top rollers as a future upgrade path, but seeing these issue caused that to get accelerated to before week 1. Our redesign ended up being heavily inspired by 2168s shooter. Due to the haste and experimental nature of the redesign this CAD was done in a separate branch in Onshape. We didn’t realize branches aren’t public, so sorry about that, it was an oversight on our part. We can try to get someone to clean that up and merge it into mainline, but it is currently a disaster which will break many other things which we also need to make fixes on and we have limited bandwidth.


Here’s a photo of the setup, we basically just replaced the 3 gussets on our hood 1×1 with new plates which accepted 2 more shafts and replaced the printed hood with the tuning forks which ride between the wheels to support the ball in the top position. Gregory78:

How much angular range do you have in hood rotation?

The pistons on the hood provide a 19° rotation from bottom to top.

Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, looking back at our exploded assembly and all the red constraints has given me a headache thinking about fixing it. We’ll be sure to get this cleaned up and merged when time allows.


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