New 6328 Mentor Interviews

Today we decided to do interviews on some of the new mentors for the team, asking them some questions having to do with their FIRST beginnings in mentoring and being on a team.

Andrew Colletta

  • Saw that we were looking for mentors and decided to join
  • Computer Science Major, Boston University, 2019
  • Part of FIRST since 2008 on team 2102 Paradox
    • Worked on machining, CAD, became the engineering president, and was the safety captain
  • Designs motion control systems at Performance Motion Devices
  • Comment about team 6328: “You guys are a really interesting team, and I like that the team is student-driven”

Noah Page

  • Joined Shaker Robotics as a freshman
  • Electrical Engineering major, 2023, WPI
  • Looked up to his mentor Cam
  • Cam called him asking if he was interested in mentoring a FIRST team
  • Comment about team 6328: “Uhhhhhhh”

Julianna Ziegler

  • Mechanical Design Engineering, 2023, WPI
  • Joined team 2168 in 2017
    • Became the co-captain of the mechanical team
  • Looked up to her mentor Josh Miller
  • Comment about team 6328: “They’re so cute”

Dave Powers

  • Started mentoring FIRST teams in 2014
  • Management and Mechanical Engineering Major, 2020, WPI
  • Started mentoring for 6328 in April of 2019
  • Joined team 228 Gus Robotics in 1998 after his dad started the team
  • Majored in mechanical design and management
  • Works at ETM Manufacturing as a Manufacturing Engineer
    • Decided to be an engineer at 6 years old after meeting Dr. Flush, who made an omnidirectional robot that looked like a traffic cone and let him drive it in front of people
  • When asked who his favorite mentor is: “It’s Dee, I feel like that’s a safe answer.”
  • Comment about team 6328: “The students are my favorite part.” 
    • When asked about his least favorite part of being on team 6328, Dave then responded with: “The students, next question.”
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