Innovation Challenge Practice Interview Day

The Practice Interview Day is full for 2021!

Practice Interview Day will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams on:
Sunday March 21, 2021
1:00-3:30pm Eastern

Yes, official FIRST Innovation Challenge interviews could start as early as March 15. If you register and then end up with an interview date before the 21st, just let us know and we’ll give your slot to another team. No worries.

The link to the Teams meeting as well as a specific time slot will be sent to all teams after registration, along with all instructions for how to log in. Just as in the official interviews, please plan to have a mentor on the virtual call.

Interviews will be 15 minutes long and will follow the interview guidelines outlined in the Innovation Challenge manual provided by FIRST(2 minute Business Pitch, 3 minute Additional Presentation, and 10 minute Q&A). This practice interview will focus on feedback for the presentation, not the actual project (which will already be finalized and submitted).

If possible, please upload your submission files to a Google Drive folder and include the link in the form below. This is optional, but it will be useful for our practice judges!

Note that we do not have access to the official FIRST judging rubrics, so will create our own based on the Innovation Challenge manual guidelines. The actual criteria used by FIRST judges may be different. We will provide teams with our rubric and the practice judges’ written feedback after the event.

There is no charge for this event. Once the event fills up we will be in touch over email with more details as well as your scheduled interview time and link to join. If you have any questions please email Katie ( and/or Deanna (

Click to register for the Innovation Challenge Practice Interview

The Practice Interview Day is full for 2021!

Thank you!

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