FIRST LEGO League Remote Learning

Every spring for the past three years, the Florence Sawyer Robotics Team has been teaching our new teammates the fundamentals of Mindstorms so the new teammates can be ready for the fall competition. In parallel, we also teach our returning teammates more complicated programming and mechanical problem solving to advance their learning.

Robots don’t stop for a pandemic!

Right before Massachusetts ordered us to shelter-in-place due to COVID-19, we rushed 14 base bots and boxes of LEGOs to 22 eager students so they could still learn, have fun and be a part of our team despite school being canceled.

Here is our entire spring curriculum, separated into new and returning teammate challenges, taught slowly with lots of videos and sample programming to teach teammates the fundamentals. We even have some Core Values challenges and a group challenge once we can meet in person again. With these resources, we hope that anyone can learn and teach FIRST LEGO League robotics.

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New to FIRST LEGO League and Mindstorms? Start here:

Getting Started in FIRST LEGO League

New Teammate Challenge #1: Out and Back

New Teammate Challenge #2: Bring it Home

New Teammate Challenge #3: Run the Wall

New Teammate Challenge #4: Follow the Line

New Teammate Challenge #5: Hoops

Do you have experience with FIRST LEGO League and/or Mindstorms? Click here:

Returning Teammate Challenge #1: Feed the Dog

Returning Teammate Challenge #2: Teeter Totter

Returning Teammate Challenge #3: Most Hoops

Returning Teammate Challenge #4: The Race up Book Mountain

When you need a break from robots, try some Core Values Challenges (good for teams or families):

What are Core Values?

Core Values Challenge #1: Flip the Tarp

Core Values Challenge #2: Egg Drop

Here’s a fun group challenge, for 2-12 robots:

Group Challenge #1: Sumo Wrestling

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