FRC CAD Remote Learning


6328 has developed a remote-learning CAD curriculum using OnShape. Students learn by doing in a progressive manner, with support provided by student leads and mentors through online collaboration tools.

This will be a 10 week course broken up into two parts. The first half will serve as an introduction to CAD and how to use Onshape specifically. Even if you have previous experience we think this will serve as a good review and you can dive deeper into all the lessons. The second half will use those skills you learned and apply them to design for FRC. We have a group of mentors and some of your peers here to help you out with any questions you have throughout the process.

Not all modules are posted at this time. Modules are defined and the details are being developed during the fall 2020, with new ones posted as they are ready (generally one per week).

For other teams using our training program, 6328’s CAD leads and mentors are available to answer questions at


CAD Training Week 1 – Introduction

CAD Training Week 2 – Sketching

CAD Training Week 3 – Part Design Intro

New challenges will be posted each week.

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