Software Update #5: Thirty-One Football Fields

As we take some time to relax after a successful weekend at Granite State, I’d like to share a few interesting statistics. We created our logging framework for debugging first and foremost (this was very helpful during the event), but a side-effect is that we can now produce some interesting summaries of what the robot was doing over three days of an FRC competition. Be sure to keep an eye out for some more detailed post-event updates soon.

  • All of the log files generated by the robot are included in this analysis, both on-field and off-field. This includes 98 log files totaling 470 MB of data.
  • In total, the robot drove 2.13 miles during the event. That’s the length of about 31 football fields!
  • According to the robot’s proximity sensors, it shot 388 balls over the course of the event.
  • The code executed 1.9 million loop cycles at 50Hz.
  • The main flywheel rotated 121k times.
  • The shooter hood was actuated 644 times and the intake was actuated 224 times.
  • A total of 860 watt hours were consumed, calculated based on the battery voltage and total current draw.

We can also break down this data in other ways, like looking at the distance driven by match. Apparently, we drove way more than usual during qualification 39.

Distance Drive by Match

Since the robot is logging at all times (including in the pits and on the practice field), we can also compare the totals on-field vs. off-field:

On-Field vs. Off-Field Data

You can find more details on the data here, including all of the statistics broken down by match. The log files for all of our matches are available here and can be viewed using Advantage Scope for anyone curious to dig deeper.

I’m very excited to see what this data looks like by the end of the season…

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