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Feedback, feature requests, and bug reports are welcome on the issues page. For non-public inquires, please send a message to You can also find more information about AdvantageScope and AdvantageKit on the relevant Chief Delphi threads and in the video below of our presentation at FIRST Championship in April 2023. 

AdvantageScope is a robot diagnostics, log review/analysis, and data visualization application for FIRST Robotics Competition teams. It reads logs in WPILOG, DS log, Hoot (CTRE), and RLOG file formats, plus live robot data viewing using NT4 or RLOG streaming. AdvantageScope can be used with any WPILib project, but is also optimized for use with our AdvantageKit log replay framework. Note that AdvantageKit is not required to use AdvantageScope.

For the 2024 FRC season, AdvantageScope is automatically included in the WPILib release for all FRC teams and will be automatically updated as WPILib updates are released. It was used by hundreds of teams worldwide in the 2023 season and we’re excited to see what 2024 brings for AdvantageScope!

AdvantageScope includes the following tools:

  • A wide selection of flexible graphs and charts
  • 2D and 3D field visualizations of odometry data, with customizable CAD-based robots
  • Synchronized video playback from a separately loaded match video
  • Joystick visualization, showing driver actions on customizable controller representations
  • Swerve drive module vector displays
  • Console message review
  • Log statistics analysis
  • Flexible export options, with support for CSV and WPILOG

AdvantageKit is a logging, telemetry, and replay framework developed by Team 6328. AdvantageKit enables log replay, where the full state of the robot code can be replayed in simulation based on a log file (What is AdvantageKit?). See also:

  • AdvantageScope, our robot telemetry application which does not require AdvantageKit to use.
  • WPILib Data Logging, a simpler logging system included in WPILib (does not support log replay in simulation, but covers the needs of most teams).


AdvantageTrack is an attendance system built to combine a manual sign-in interface with automated tracking of student and mentor devices. Data storage and analysis are handled using Google Sheets, updated by the local Python server. The server runs a local web app for sign-ins and status, and it monitors the active devices on the local network using intermitent flood pings. Each team member can opt-in to the automatic tracking by registering their device’s MAC address with the system.

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