Entering Week 7

Good progress lately. We were able to run some testing of all our shots to make sure we have the proper hood angle on the competition shooter. Below are some random videos from testing. Fender Trench Initiation line Also we’re finally driving! Probably should have ensured that, “hard mount the shooter” was crossed off the

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It’s Week 6!

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been crunch time lately and we’re feeling the pressure. Here’s an updated screen cap of our finalized CAD minus climber arms(still in development) and intake(which is being swapped for a fold down instead of a slide out to increase simplicity). Intake and Climber Arms should be done next

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Into Week 5

Been busy the last few nights just finishing up CAD work, building our the practice ‘bot drive train this Saturday and getting it running and finalizing the entire robot CAD (finallyyyyy). We wanted to take all our prototypes and see the entire ball path working together before hitting the go button on some metal so

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Kickoff Weekend

Initial Impressions From initial impressions Stronghold 2 looks like a fun game with some interesting design challenges! Shooting seems very similar to 2016 with the added challenge of indexing and rapidly shooting 5 balls. Ranking could be interesting this year as the RP challenges seem more difficult than previous years and climbing points could shift

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