Week 2: Robot Repairs, Nav Point Placing, and Never-Ending Clamps…

HQ Update: We have still been moving at a slow yet steady pace for our progress and can only do so much with Governer Baker (MA) deciding to remain at 25% building capacity for mandates

Game Design:

1/20/2021 – The Game Design Challenge team started with a discussion about potential implementations for our game piece, and after a long discussion and a semi-fledged game idea, we have decided to shift our game piece from a box to a chain, which is the game element. The general idea for this game is that you have to put out fires in a burning building with water (chain) and extract some sort of object by climbing up ladders.
So for our next meeting, students are working on developing a potential theme for this game idea, whether expending on the current theme or creating an entirely new theme to match the game. Also, we are planning to have a general auto/endgame structure discussion. – Jonathan M.

1/24/2021 – The Game Design Challenge team discussed improvements to current ideas for game elements and new ideas that we could implement into our game. We also came up with a broad theme for the game, Hacker/code based game, in replacement of the burning building idea.
For this upcoming meeting, groups of students are further developing the game elements that we have come up with. Also, everybody has been tasked to come up with a game story/plot to further develop our theme. – Jonathan M.

To-Do List for Next Meeting:

  • The building – Hallie, Aryan
  • hp station – Jonathan, Hunter
  • opp side item? – Ayush, Owen
  • Amazon truck – Callum, Declan
  • ladder implementation – Hallie, Aryan
  • Note: Not the real names of the field elements
  • Think of game story/plot/theme – Everyone

Awards Team:

1/17/2021 – We selected the theme for our Chairman’s essay (continued family tree), assigned questions for people to work on the first draft of the Executive Summary, and discussed potential areas to work in sponsors, changes in team apparel, and putting together a presentation for the Girl Scouts virtual meeting – Anne

Mechanical/Shop work:

1/19/2021 – Maddie and I redid the drivetrain because the spacers were off so the wheels were hitting the frame on both sides. We drove on blocks, the shop floor and then on the carpet. The wheels on the robot now don’t rub on the frame at all. – Alisha

In terms of the agenda, the mechanical crew plans to replace the current #35 chain with #25 as well as the current air-filled pneumatic wheels with treaded ones (see below for ordered wheels).

1/19/2021 – I worked on adding vibration absorption to the limelight mount w/ approximately 1/8″ surgical tubing pieces on either end of the limelight itself. For next time we need to do is test it and cut cleaner pieces. – Me (Hallie)

1/19/2021 – No more shall we hear the phrase “I can’t find a clamp“ – Brett Bonner


Right now, we are working on improving our power cell intake by allowing for a better ball grabby grab using a four-bar and incorporating less room for these balls to fly out.


1/19/2021 – We tested out the angle from the driver cam to see if it would be usable for the Galactic Search Challenge. Because of the wide-angle lens, it turns out we can see far enough using the current mount. Based on this, our plan is just to plug this camera into the RIO to run the vision pipeline. – Jonah

After marking down all of the Nav Points on the field using colored gaffers tape on Saturday 1/23, Brett mentioned that it was “3 1/2 hours of work…” to which Jonah responded with “for a six-second video…” which consisted of the motion profiling test run for the robot.

Motion Profiling Video:

Nav-Point-Placing Time lapse:

Keith C’s Updates:

1/20/2021 – Repaired the band saw with the new tires Brett procured.
Works like it’s brand new! …NOT

Quote of the Dave:

“You know what I always say”

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