It’s Week 6!

Sorry for the lack of updates, it’s been crunch time lately and we’re feeling the pressure. Here’s an updated screen cap of our finalized CAD minus climber arms(still in development) and intake(which is being swapped for a fold down instead of a slide out to increase simplicity).

Intake and Climber Arms should be done next couple of days. All sheet metal for the robot is getting cut and bent Thursday/Friday.

Here’s some assembly progress pictures for the PBot.

Competition Hopper going together

Look how small this is! So insane!

Big shout out to REV Robotics for all the awesome products.

New team banner!

Finally we started working on code base for our shooter. Super excited to see this mocked up this far and the ball path working consistently. First set of shots is just testing ball path, second set is from 25ft away, third set is from initiation line.

*yes the shooter isn’t completely mounted to the frame and because of this we’re experiencing some serious recoil and movement in the shooter. Tonight we will hard mount the shooter better to hopefully increase our ability to consistently hit the exact same spot every time.

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